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Leesa is passionate about helping business owners who are just starting out or struggling in business to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes.

With over 25 years of experience in business setup and development, Leesa hashelped set up businesses for success.

Leesa is skilled in a variety of business and marketing techniques along with her strategic business partners.

We strive to always update ourselves with the latest technologies and the best tools out there to help you, our client achieve your business and marketing goals.

Leesa Myers, CEO, Corporate Strategic Advisor

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Brian B

“Leesa has a broad set of experiences as well as a large network of professionals to call upon as the foundation for her services. I have watched her work first hand with business owners i know and each of these relationships led to success. If you are just starting out, Leesa would be a great asset to avoid a bunch of mistakes common to new businesses.”

– Brian B  –

Davis G

“Leesa embodies the word “professionalism”. She has enough empathy to place herself in your shoes as the business owner. She was able to pry out what our goals for our business was and help us plot a path to achieve it. The experience we had with Leesa gave us our North Star for our business and we are excited for what lies next! “

Davis G