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About Leesa Myers

What is stopping you from saying Yes, I am ready?

Leesa Myers, CEO

About Leesa

My first business was when I was ten years old, selling chances to win a big stuffed bear at the carnival. Even at a yearly age, I was trust worthy with my own booth and was rewarded a percentage of the sales.

My next business was 90 days out of cosmetology school, where I found I was not prepared. School taught me how to be successful in my trade, however, school did not teach me enough to be successful in business.

After a lot of costly mistakes, a lot of business classes and a determination to stay in business and succeed, not only did I succeed with my salon, I started up the first licensing nail school in Utah.

In my school we trained hundreds of new nail technicians in the art of their trade and included business classes to make sure they knew how to be successful when they started their new business.

I was asked, “Why should I work with Leesa?” Because I will help business owners avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes with systems, strategies, accountability and my vast network of professionals. I am dedicated to you to help you be successful and to launch your business with systems for growth and sustainability.

I was a facilitator for “YEA” Young Entrepreneurs Academy, where we took 12 to 17 year olds through their idea for a business to pitching their business idea in front of investors and then launching their business. It was such a blessing to see these youth learn lessons every person needs to know before even thinking about starting a business and I have that training to share with you.

With over 25 years of experience in business setup and development, helping hundreds of graduates from Trade schools set up their businesses and get results. What is stopping you from saying Yes, I am ready?

Here are a few more reasons:

Not only a business owner for over 25+ years, Leesa is a/an:

  • Published author of Inspired to Greatness and Inspired to Excellence, Vol. 2
  • Contributing author to # 1 Amazon Best Seller- The Gratitude Book Project and Salt Lake Community College – Sin Cera
  • Former Columnist for QSalt Lake
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • Facilitator for “YEA” Young Entrepreneurs Academy
  • Previous TV host for Blog Talk Radio and Buzz and Biz

Together let us build an Actionable Plan: achieve Greater Clarity, Meaning, Focus and Results to Reach Your Full Potential.

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