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Are you prepared to launch you business?
Have you launched your business and have found you do not have all the components needed?

You may feel lost and overwhelmed because now you are the CEO, CFO, CMO, Accountant, Technician, HR, and more.  You wish you had someone to talk with that could help you find a path out of the weeds?

I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I was 90 days out of cosmetology school and I was now a business owner. I was not prepared and not being prepared, I made lots of costly mistakes that almost cost me my business.

That is why I am so passionate about helping others who want to start a business or who have launched their business and need help to build that strong foundation to be successful, flourish and a platform for expansion and growth.

Below is a video on, “The Four Fundamentals of Success” with other resources on this page.

Let me help you find the path out of the weeds and step on the path to success. Schedule a time to talk.

What We Do

Business Foundation Setup

We spend more time planning our next vacation than most new business owners spend on a business plan. When we plan our vacation, we do not get in the car and say lets drive and see what happens. NO, we know where we are going, how long it will take to get to our destination, how long we will be there, and our budget and what we are going to be doing.

We need the same strategy for our business.

There are many components to setting up your business. The book; “The E-Myth, Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.” By Michael E. Gerber states, when we become a business owner we are now the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician and we are automatically in conflict with ourselves.

We are so busy getting the clients, so we can get the money; we forget that without a strong foundation the house (business) will come tumbling down.

It is so much easier and cost effective in the long run to start your business right. I know, I did not start with a business foundation and my business was tumbling down until I found the mentors, the business classes and paid more money than it would have cost if I would have started the right way. Don’t let that be you too.

Schedule a FREE strategy session with me today. There is no risk and I promise you will receive high value.

7 Top Reasons You Need a Business Plan

Business Entity and Insurance Setup

Leesa works with quality strategic partners who are vetted for their commitment to excellence and 5-star customer service. When setting up a business entity do you need to be a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) a C-Corporation or a S-Corporation? When steps do you need to take to set up your entity correctly?

When it comes to insurance, do you need Professional Liability, General Liability, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, and Key-Man Insurance? What are the differences?

These are reasons to talk with someone who has experience working with insurance and who has set up business entities.

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Accounting & Tax Strategy

Stop paying more of your money to Uncle Sam than you have to.

You are not a tax expert. So how are you supposed to know if you are saving all you can on taxes?

Let the experts help you keep more money in your pockets versus in the government’s pockets.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of saving on business taxes.

  1. Hire a family member; The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has some allowances and a possible benefit to hiring family members ever your children. I knew of a gentleman that had his 10 year old boy shred papers and paid him through his business.
  2. Make sure when traveling you find ways to conduct legitimate business that way you are able to right off a considerable amount on your taxes.

The bottom line is there are multiple ways to help you save on your taxes and it is beneficial to have the experts look at what you are doing and possible ways to help you save money and develop your financial strategy.

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Ask Leesa about these other services available:

Website Development: Leesa will provide professional, fast and affordable websites that matches your business’s specific needs

Social Media Marketing: Leesa’s strategic partners will provide result-oriented digital and social media marketing solutions for DIY, Done-with-you, and Done-for-you.

Time Management: Leesa will teach you simple steps to execute and attain your goals.

Leadership Training & Development: Build Better Leadership Skills and Watch Your Company Grow and Thrive