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April 21, 2023

I wanted to take a minute and give my thanks to Leesa and Pratt & LeFevre.  

We have been working with Leesa since about July 2022.  She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind especially when it comes to answering all my 101quetions.  She took the time needed to explain how she could help our business.  Did all the paperwork for us.  And she continues to help me with any question I have about what to do next. 

We and our small businesses had been struggling with the excessive amount of taxes (payroll and end of year).  Our business was set up in a way that prevented us from getting ahead.  With Leesa’s help and that of the team at Pratt & LeFevre we are now set up with our advisor Leesa, accountants, financial advisers, lawyers, and estate planners. 

When we filed our taxes for 2022, I was full of dread that I would have to come up with additional money for taxes.  But as promised by Leesa we came out ahead.  No additional taxes to pay, but best of all we received a refund.  I am sure that the next year will be even better. 

I know that I can count on Leesa and Pratt & LeFevre to guide us through the years to come and help our business to grow.

Thanks again to Leesa, we truly value your support. 

Sincerely Beth


Beth Miles

“Leesa is a professional with the experience you will need to find what is best for you. She is with no doubt a kind and knowledgeable person. ” 

Niszsien Design

“Leesa is passionate about her business and doing it right. Not only active in making sure her clients are getting the best, she is also out actively supporting her community. A great partner to have on your side and taking care of your business. ” 

Lynn Long

“Leesa is very professional and has so many talents I cannot begin to list them here. Every time I get to work with Leesa I recognize how detail oriented and organized she is. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and can effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend her.”  

Linda Rawson

“Leesa gives 100% to her commitments and produces excellent results therefore. She was on the Board of Trustees at CSL Salt Lake for many years in an officers position. She took the Treasurer’s job to new heights by hiring and overseeing a new bookkeeper. The records were a mess of cobbled together systems; none complete by itself, until Leesa overhauled the entire system. Oh, did I say she was a volunteer? Yes, she did that job gratis! I know she brings a wealth of gifts to all she does,”

Rev Elizabeth O'Day

“Leesa is a dedicated professional who provides sound advice and education for her clients. I have known Leesa for over 12 years and she has always been loyal to her patrons and raised the bar in her profession to maintain cutting edge services.”

Christine Heathman

Leesa is AMAZING!!! She is so knowledgable and personable and has so many great strategies. I feel like she knows so much about all the different areas in business and has a million connections with people, so she gave us tons of helpful contacts. I need a lot of hand holding in the business realm and she walked me through everything in detail, even screen sharing to do electronic filing, etc. She is so easy to get a hold of and quick to respond when she’s needed, and was really flexible to meet with even with our crazy schedule. Leesa Worth every penny and honestly very well priced compared to other business consultants we looked into. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who owns their own business, whether they are just starting out or need more advanced help. I wouldn’t have wished for anything more from my experience.

J. Johnson

Leesa has a broad set of experiences as well as a large network of professionals to call upon as the foundation for her services. I have watched her work first hand with business owners i know and each of these relationships led to success. If you are just starting out, Leesa would be a great asset to avoid a bunch of mistakes common to new businesses.

Brian B

Leesa embodies the word “professionalism”. She has enough empathy to place herself in your shoes as the business owner. She was able to pry out what our goals for our business was and help us plot a path to achieve it. The experience we had with Leesa gave us our North Star for our business and we are excited for what lies next!

Davis G

Leesa is incredible. Such a great person to work with, I highly recommend her.  She does a thorough job.

Omar A.

Leesa is always professional, and her depth of knowledge through experience gives her insight beyond a typical approach. She notices things and has a perception of your situation that is unique and targets what is holding your business back from the success you dreamed of when you (naively) started.

Pam B.

Leesa’s years of practical experience are invaluable. She comes with many professional connections that increase the value of her services too.

Nancy F.

Leesa has the knowledge needed to help all types of businesses.

Brian S.

Leesa Myers, The Business Owners Advocate knows her business. Her and her teams are the best!

James C.

Leesa, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you.  I thank God that you spoke in Pathfinders.  I tell everyone I come across about what you’ve done for me and my business.  This will be the first year in 10 years that I don’t owe the government any money.  Thank you! Thank you!

Travis Memmott